Poisson brigade fashionable hotel


Telephone/Tel: 86-592-262-1111  

Fax/Fax: 86-592-262-1011


Email/E-mail: BLhotel@21cn.com

Address/Add: China xiamen, fujian province HongWen Amoy area 89, five miles (Rachel scene commercial plaza D a no. 2 tower) 

  No.89, Hongwenwuli, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, P.R.China
  (Tower ,NO.2,Block D,Ruijing Commercial Plaza, Xiamen)

Tel:+86-592-2621111 Fax:+86-592-2621011 Email:BLhotel@126.com
Address:East Road, Xiamen City, Paris of the East Plaza Hexiang Post:361008
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