Enterprise culture

A, service concept: customer-focused improve themselves

Second, management concept: innovation the pursuit of excellence

Three, the core values: business, brand, innovation, environmental protection, and gratitude

Four, the enterprise mission: to guests need, for employee benefit for investors value for the society, fulfillment of legal responsibilities

Five, the management idea:

Good faith compliance guests first, safe and comfortable service first, lean management science development, the enterprise friendly harmonious and health

Six, the enterprise ethics:

Good faith smelting character, high quality services to the society

Seven, employing tenet: appoint people by abilities, optimal up bad tide

Eight, high quality professional service:

State degrees: warm, friendly, thoughtful, attention;

Listening to listen to: attention to the guest said, and can quickly answer guest problem;

And when: to the requirements of customer to respond quickly, feedback;

High efficiency: full understanding of hotel operation function to deal with all kinds of problems;

The see: foresee the guest needs and provide service for the guest.

Nine, management tenet

Money is with the person this: the hotel of the biggest factors in success is that our staff, we are seeking ability or have the potential employees to join, and hope they can show their own strength. We for any capable staff provide good conditions and training opportunities, make every employee's own value could be fully reflected. Because there is a happy employees, just have the satisfaction of customer, have the satisfaction of customer, to have the hotel development, so the hotel should with service employees, staff training for primary goal, I hope each staff in this big family, growth, director of the play, and happy work. We encourage every employee development, respect for every employee's efforts, hope everyone had a strong collective sense of honor, to carry forward the master spirit.

Money to challenge: personal with the hotel to establish challenging target, responsible for the performance of their. We strive to build a dare challenge, and actively practice environment.

Money team spirit: each team member in the development of unity with each other, and to trust enterprise products and services, and that is the key to progress development team. For the members of the team contribution must hold "respect, self-effacing, equality" principle. We realize that hotel success is by the team cooperation and the hotel to the individual success provides the chance of success this two factors, both are necessary.

Pay attention to exchange money: in any place, employees can be Shared our information, encourage the Suggestions and opinions, through the communication, and will continue to evaluate our behavior, promote the development of better hotel.

Money to learning: founded "learning" enterprise is our target, we firmly believe that through the continuous learning, it can in the business, management and services to make progress.

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